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How to choose the Perfect Pinterest Package for your eCommerce business?

Pinterest became a billion-dollar business last year, earning $1.14 billion in total revenue. You can now reach more than 160 million people on Pinterest. It is a good combination of a search engine and a social network.

Think beyond the ad giants Facebook and Google. We have a new hero in town.

By no means am I telling you to ignore the giants. I think, as a business owner it is always wise to divest your money and not rely on one ad platform alone.

And the truth about Pinterest Ads is, think of it as early Facebook. Get in now and you have the window of opportunity to get low CPC’s and CPM’s. Does it work for everyone? Not really!

I would definitely recommend you schedule a free audit call with us to see if it is a good fit for you?

Pinterest works with a deadly combo of both Pinterest Organic and Pinterest Ads, providing better ad deliverability to a user engaging in organic activity as well as ad activity.

In addition to this, you should also note that Pinterest helps you drive traffic to your website, it increases your email list, your sales as well as your searchability on Google. Remember that you will need a person or agency who can help you on a recurring basis because Pinterest management is not a one-time process.

Keeping these pointers in mind, go through our customised checklist to find your perfect Pinterest package.

  • Pinterest Account Setup

This is where you set up your account to have SEO friendly boards and content to teach the machine side of Pinterest what is your brand or business really about. We usually set up 8-10 boards for our clients with 8 to 10 pieces of content.

Does this all have to be your own content? Maybe not in the beginning but as time passes by we would love your content to take up maximum real estate on your account. In the beginning, you can curate your boards with other people’s content.

But am I not pinning my competitors' content? Yes, temporarily but you are also attracting your audience and telling the machine what is your brand really about.

The rule we follow is to try to have content that can at least go into 5 boards and at least 5 pieces of content per board.

Confused? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to do an audit for your account and help you set it up. (

  • Pinterest Audit

It is a slow process, but an important one to help you to point your Pinterest in the right direction for your eCommerce business. It is always good to review and inspect how the account is currently operated relative to the objective & goals of your account, in addition to analyzing what’s working and what’s not working to further take strategic steps to improve the account performance.

We are all in a world where changes are frequent and we as a business owner need to keep up with the latest trends & algorithms. This holds true even for social platforms like Pinterest. Audit not only assists you in learning & keeping up with the best latest practices but also uses these trends in order to maximise your results.

It simply leaves you with a book of takeaways!

  • Pinterest Ads

For you to be able to begin, you must have lead magnets, a landing page with a good offer or an eCommerce site already in place. Combining that with email nurturing is definitely recommended. Ensure your Pinterest Tag and event tracking is properly set up. Without this in place, you are throwing money into a well. Once you have all of this in place you have your preliminary set up completed and are ready to start ads.

Aim to get a CTR of 1% or above. Split test different designs against different audiences. Test out interest targeting and keyword targeting (broad match, phrase match and exact match). An ad plan for your product/service includes ideation, objective, KPIs to monitor and more.

Remember, Pinterest is slower to optimise compared to Facebook. Facebook is a very mature platform and has been around for a long time. This is not the case with Pinterest. In the beginning, our goal is to try to break even with your ad spend and try to give the machine as much data as possible with proper pixel and event tracking. A lot of people give up at this stage thinking the platform is not profitable. In most cases, they have given up one digging one inch before they found the gold.

The few who have continued have made a killing with Pinterest. Once your ads are cracked I would then recommend combining the prowess of Pinterest organic as well which includes all of the things listed below.

  • Pinterest Design Services

Pinterest is a highly visual platform. People are always quickly scrolling through their feeds to find something that catches their eye, so your Pins have to stand out. The quality of your Pin Design is a significant factor for success. Your Pins have to be both scroll-stopping and click-worthy or it might just be another pin

Our Pinterest design services include assisting your business with the creation & design of a fixed number of relevant Pins per month. Pins can be static or videos or both. You will generally come across services that use your product images or free stock images. To help your pins stand out better, you can always purchase a membership from any stock website.

  • Joining Pinterest Group Boards & Tribes

“Pinterest Group Boards (also known as collaborative Boards) are shared Pinterest boards that multiple Pinterest users Pin to. The Board is owned by one Pinterest user who has given other Pinterest users permission to add Pins.” -Tailwind

Research & Join at least 10-12 boards a month. Depending on your business target audience & post audit pointers, we would recommend a custom plan.

  • Scheduling of Pins

Scheduling your pins in advance ensures you remain active on the platform in Pinterest’s & your followers’ eyes. This also helps you keep track of other deliverables without having to keep an alarm before your every post.

Pins can be scheduled using Tailwind or any other tool either into group boards or Tailwind Tribes to help in your daily pinning strategy. There are other tools too that offer this service!

  • Weekly & Monthly Analytics

This helps you set regular goals and track your performance to understand what content is effective and resonates with the audience better. It is also important to review, analyse and update pin content for optimised search results.

Before jumping the guns with your checklist, get on a call to give a brief about your eCommerce business. Help the person, who is offering you a Pinterest package understand what it is that you’re exactly looking for. Have an open chat & ask for a custom plan.

GetHelpSaveTime does exactly that! Our team joins forces to customise our services and help you achieve your goals.
If you're an eCommerce business looking to get results out of a perfect Pinterest package, rest assured that your digital needs are in, capable & experienced hands!

Ping us, anytime.


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