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3 things to ask before hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Most businesses/brands/bloggers rely on online platforms to grow their presence and make sales, and Pinterest is a big one! Just like you, most prefer to outsource social platform tasks so that they can concentrate on other aspects of their business.

This is when they reach out to Virtual Assistants or some, like you, land up on our blog.

Who is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

A Pinterest virtual assistant is someone who has worked with various business verticals in different niches to grow their Pinterest presence as well as website traffic and sales. Their areas of focus are always around business, brands & bloggers. For any question you may have, they probably have the solutions with alternative approaches and that’s who you need to hire.

Now, how & where can you find an individual who can tick all the right boxes?

There are platforms where you can input your requirements & find your best pick or you can look them up on LinkedIn or you can simply find remote working agencies like us who can assist you with your needs. Whatever your preference may be, keep the following 3 pointers in mind.

  • Get to know your Pinterest VA

Ask them why they think Pinterest is an ideal platform for your business and how they can assist you in making the best out of it. It is important for you as a business/brand owner to know the prerequisites of diving into this unknown visual world.

Feel free to ask for their portfolio or any links they may have. This will help you get an idea or feel of what you’re getting into. Give an insight into your business/brand, help them understand your needs as well.

An open conversation always clears the picture and leaves you with a room full of opportunities!

  • List of Services

It doesn’t simply end with creating a detailed profile. In fact, your Pinterest journey hasn’t even begun. There is so much more to this platform. From Pinterest audit to account setup to pin designs to adding descriptions & titles to scheduling to learning scheduling tools to analytics, it’s simply another ball game.

This whole process will be simplified by your Pinterest VA. Try to understand what they can help you with & know more about their services. Ask them for a plan, connect on a zoom call and have a detailed conversation. Whatever deliverables you think are not required, let them know. They might help you learn their importance. Ask for a break down of each of their services. Be it recurring or one time.

It is extremely crucial for you to hire someone who not only is well versed with the platform but also someone who enjoys being proactive.

  • Knowledge of tools

Tools such as Tailwind, Asana etc are essential for any virtual assistant. It helps both parties stay organised & understand the workflow status. Ask them the tools they’re familiar with and how they can play a part in your workflow. Designing tools like Canva, Crello are popular, even more than Photoshop & Illustrator these days. There is a tool for everything and these are required to launch, grow and succeed as a Pinterest VA!

Hope we’ve helped you with what you came looking for. Let me tell you this, you’re not late. Everyone’s hiring a Pinterest VA and if you’re still thinking of hiring one, hit us up!


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