3 Tricks to Ace Pinterest Account Management

According to Sprout Social, 50% of millennials use Pinterest monthly and the platform is growing at a rate of 400% monthly. In other words, there is a huge audience who use Pinterest to either connect with their audience or create content that appeals to their audience.

If you’ve explored Pinterest, you would know that it is a world of indulgence and this visually appealing universe can bring you heaps of organic traffic, clients and sales if you put our 3 tips to perfect your Pinterest Account Management.

Trick #1

Create a reflection of the brand on your Pinterest profile

It is all about leveraging your platform by utilising all the features it offers. Keep in mind the following while creating a Pinterest profile.

  • The cover region is an ideal place to showcase your branded board that includes blog posts, collaterals, product shots and other graphics

  • Make sure you legibly communicate your brand’s vision & objectives. Let them know how you can add value to their searches

  • Include a verified URL or website. This assists you in assessing your analytics & accessing the rich pins feature

Tools - Canva, Adobe Spark, Crello

Trick #2

Dive deep into Pinterest keyword research

If your content isn’t optimized for Pin searches, you are definitely missing out because Pinterest is a visual search engine and keywords are building blocks for any search engine optimization. Here’s a list of pointers where Pinterest keyword research also helps.

  • Keywords not only help optimise your searches but also inspire your content calendars

  • Use best performing keywords on your board names, descriptions, bio and pins

  • Think like a pinner! Words like ‘inspiration’ ‘ideas’ ‘DIYs’ ‘recipe’ are some of the most commonly searched words on the platform. Detail it out & make it your keyword

Tools - Pinterest Search Suggestions, Pinterest Bubbles, Other Pin’s Title & Description

Trick #3

Data-driven Pinterest Management

Make sense of your analytics and try to understand what resonates with your brand. Eliminate choices that don’t match your pinner’s ideas & improvise on ideas that work well.

  • Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Experiment & learn. This helps you widen your audience and understand what pin delivers good metrics

  • Keep a tab on repins. This helps you know if you’re filling the right gap

  • Gauge the effectiveness of your pin design & content with a comparison table. Compare your previous month’s metrics with your current month. Also, try to predict your coming month’s metrics basis your content calendar

  • Draw out a funnel at every stage to gauge sales; Impressions, Reach, Engagement, Leads, Conversion (Spoiler Alert - Assume 1% conversion rate at every stage)

Tools - Pinterest Analytics, Google Analytics

If you are feeling overwhelmed but want to make the best of Pinterest Account Management, feel free to hit us up!

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